This Mum CAN!

Joanne Rogers

This mum CAN! So I wanted to speak to you all and explain a bit about the meaning behind my brand. 

Grab a cuppa and biscuit and I hope I can try and explain myself! I am all new to this so I will try to not wonder off in different directions! But please excuse me if I do!!

Back in 2017 after I had my 2nd child Sullivan, as my maternity came to an end, I went into my work where I worked part time. I worked 30 hours a week before Sullivan came along. So although I wasn’t ready to go back that much, my husband and I thought that 20 hrs should cover what we needed. 

But after this meeting they had said that it was a quiet spell and they could only offer 16hrs a week. 

I went home and spoke with my husband about leaving and working elsewhere but I didn’t think I would match the wages I was on there. 

So I had just been introduced to the world of Instagram by a friend and also my first shop I fell in love with! leshylamb. The lovely Emma the owner makes amazing leggings, I only really dress Sully in leggings, so I soon became a lover of the variety of shops I found. 

I started thinking back to my job situation and wondered could I make and set up my own business? I could work around my children.

I can’t even sew a button on so it certainly wouldn’t be sewing! 

I haven’t got any real talent. But I remember my Nan teaching me as a child to make pompoms. So Off I went to our local wool shop and started making pompoms. I then made them into baby mobiles using drift wood from the beach. I also made pompom garlands. 

Although this was fun, it would take a long time to make, and you need to remember when I started, I was doing this for an income. But I carried on for a while. I started to look into printing my own designs onto clothing. But I had a lot of research to do. I didn’t have any experience so wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing.

In the meantime, I came across a shop called Alfie et al. Claire the owner was looking for children to show off her tees and shout about her shop on Instagram. I applied. Well she chose me! So I spent the next few months repping, making a new insta family. A family I never knew I would expect to have! In the meantime I was also still looking into printing my own clothing. 

Then the time came after lots of research to take the plunge and buy a heat press and all the extras along with it. 

But then it dawned on me the fact that I repped for Claire, I would then be selling alongside her. So after a week I had finally plucked up the courage to message her. I explained I didn’t expect to find a family; I thought I would rep for 3 months take a few photos and post them! Boy was I wrong!

Claire was amazing! She had no problem with me starting. We also have different styles. 

So I have been printing tees since. I have just re-branded as my old name drift.n.dream was about baby mobiles and drifting off to sleep and dreaming. 

Then This Mum in Devon evolved! 


Yes this mum! This little quiet shy mum who lives in Devon. I suddenly started loving my little business the accomplishment of setting up my own business that I researched and self-taught myself to-do! A drive I never even knew existed! I work until midnight I work every time my son naps, but the best bit is I love it! A job that works around my family life. 

The support I have had from complete strangers on Instagram is amazing; I met my insta bestie Lana who lives in Scotland. And we visit each other, and our children have met. 

All through my decision to start a business. 

All the amazing mummies who have been part of my team, and some that will be lifers on my team!

I am forever grateful to anyone who has liked my post, messaged me, or bought my clothing. You are all making my dream of this becoming my full job slowly a reality. 

This is where my name This mum in Devon came from, to show other mummy’s that whatever you are dealt in life YOU CAN! You can turn things into a positive.

My negative of my hours cut, has given me a new way of life. A new love of running my own business. This Mum CAN! 

Some days are tough, some days my accomplishment is small! 

But however big or small I want us all to say well done to each other. To support each other. As we all know motherhood can be hard! 

Those nights up feeding, the endless screaming of a baby with colic or reflux, the mummy guilt about the other sibling feeling left out, the guilt of baby weight if you aren’t one of those amazing mums that pop back to their original size! The mum who has one of those toddlers that rolls around Tesco screaming for no reason. The mum who suffers in silence from mental health. This is going to be the place to offload, to show and tag us in your This mum CAN moments.